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    Got Stupid Questions? I Can Help!

    What the hell is this?

    This is an atypical Role Playing Game. I figured you were probably bored of Tales of Final Scrolls XIII-style games, so instead of directly controlling your character, you use slider bars to plan out a day and let your character go and do all the work for you. Neat, huh?

    In this game you'll find sarcasm, lethargy, drunkenness, sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek jokes, mean-spirited quips, and lots of sarcasm. I don't mean to offend anyone. Any resemblance to actual events, or to persons living or dead, is probably a coincidence.

    I missed the Tutorial. Can you show it to me again?

    Are you the kind of guy who throws the macaroni box away, then fishes it out of the trash at least two more times while cooking?

    I kinda figured you were. Okay, fine. Click here to play the tutorial again.

    I can barely plan my breakfast, now I have to Plan My Day?

    You may be surprised to find out that there are roughly 24 hours in a day nearly every single day. Wow! It may also be useful for you to know that you can only do things that you know how to do. Think about that for a moment. Got it? Good!

    Each slider bar represents a way for you to spend part of your day. It's up to you to discover new actions, and to determine how best to spend those 24 precious hours.

    Do you sleep for 14 hours, train for 6, and then go shopping for new hats for 4 hours? Or do you spend all 24 hours fishing? It's completely up to you!

    What's with that "fatigue" number constantly going up and down?

    The Fatigue number represents how tired you are throughout the day. As in real life, the more tired you are the more likely are you to get distracted, space out, or fuck up.

    Doing pretty much anything will raise your fatigue, and (this part should not be a surprise to you) sleeping is a great way to lower your fatigue.

    What should I know about Stats?

    Stats are the building blocks of your character. They contribute to your ability to achieve certain tasks and unlock content. Specifically:

    • Fatigue: A measurement of how tired you are. Doing stuff makes you fatigued. High fatigue makes doing stuff harder.
    • Strength: A measurement of how big your muscles are. Being strong will make you hit things harder.
    • Dexterity: A measurement of how agile you are. Being nimble will increase your likelihood of hitting stuff, decrease the chance of them hitting you, and makes you a better hooker.
    • Stamina: A measurement of how long you can last in bed. Stamina will increase your hit points.
    • Charisma: A measurement of how much people like you. Being popular can get you deals at the market, and helps you make new and interesting friends.
    • Luck: A measurement of how much the universe favours you. Being lucky helps in almost every aspect of your life.
    • Attack: A measurement of how hard you hit. Your base attack value is a combination of your strength and the weapons you're carrying.
    • Defense: A measurement of how tough you are. Your defense is the value of all your armour added together.
    • Hit Points: A measurement of how much you bleed before you die. More hit points keep you in the fight longer.

    What can you tell me about Skills?

    Not a whole lot...

    What are these funny little icons:

    These are hobo-glyphics, a special language used by bums to indicate where to get a good meal or a dry shelter for the night.


    Did you buy that? No? Oh well, fine.

    • : This is how much money you have. You buy items with money.
    • : This is how much wood you've collected. You use wood to build buildings.
    • : How many people live in your town -slash- how many people can fit into your town. Higher population unlocks new buildings.
    • : How many items are in your backpack -slash- how many items you can hold in total. Items can be sold for money.

    What's with my equipment?

    You won't make it very far through the game if you don't don some better duds, mate. Buying better armour will significantly reduce the amount of damage you take in battle, and a good weapon will help you kill those baddies faster.

    When you spend an hour to Buy New Gear, the shopkeeper will bring out a few assorted items. If there's anything there that's better than you have and you can afford it, you'll automatically buy and equip it, putting your old gear into your inventory if possible (and leaving it on the floor like a slob if you can't).

    I wanna fight stuff! What should I know?

    First of all, you probably have anger management issues and displaced rage, perhaps from an absentee father. But aside from that, here are the basics:

    1. Each fight starts with both you and your opponent at full health.
    2. Each side takes turns hitting the other, dealing damage based on the attacker's Attack stat, and the defender's Defense stat.
    3. Dexterity helps you avoid being hit by the enemy, and luck can help you land more critical hits.
    4. Party members who can aid you in battle will do so immediately after your attack. In general, party members can't die.
    5. The fight is over when one side's hit points are reduced to zero.
    6. If you lose the fight, you must spend the next hour recovering from your wounds.
    7. If you win the fight, the monster may drop items for you to loot. These items may be useless to you, but someone may want them.

    This is pretty fun. Who made this?

    Would you believe it was divinely inspired? If not, click here to Roll the Credits.

    Why the hell should I create an account?

    Because it's the cool thing to do. All your friends are doing it. What are you, some sort of a pariah?

    Really though, having an account will let you sign in, load your game, and play from anywhere. That's pretty cool, though. The magic of the internet! Wow.

    What is the "Manage Presets" button?

    Pro players will often find multiple highly efficient daily routines that they use regularly. Instead of having to remember them all, you can save a couple daily layouts as "Presets."

    Once a layout is saved, all you have to do is click the preset button to reload that preset's slider layout. Pretty cool, huh? You get to be even lazier.

    I could so easily haxx0r this game with my l33t skillz. AKA: Cheating

    Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. This game is here for you to enjoy. We designed it, we built it, and we hope you like it. But it's not competitive, there's no prize money, you don't get an award for first place. I don't know why you would want to cheat, but if you do, go for it. Have fun.

    I have more questions...

    If your amazing mental prowess has come up with something I haven't covered, feel free to drop me a line at /r/SliderQuest on Reddit and I'll get back to you. Probably.